Who we are

Lisa Witham founded LW Marketing (the precursor to North Street Investment Marketing) in 2008. Since then, she has developed strong partnerships with former colleagues Karoline Molberg and graphic designer Neil Scott. Over the last few years, Lisa and Neil have worked closely with website developer Gary Cottington on numerous  projects. As well as working individually, Lisa, Karoline, Neil and Gary team up to work on joint projects where they each bring their own specialist skills to the table. In June 2016, North Street Investment Marketing was created to solidify and formalise the partnership.

Together, we can help you build your marketing effort from the ground upwards. We provide marketing, design, digital and print services to small and medium-sized investment management businesses. With nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services sector we aim to provide you with the knowledge and expertise to project your company in the best possible light. Our broad skill-set enables us to help and advise Investment Managers, Asset Managers, Wealth Managers and Financial Advisers on a wide range of marketing services.

For assistance with all of your marketing requirements, be it branding, printing literature, PowerPoint presentations, marketing strategy, website development or advice on approaching pension funds and their consultants, we can help you.

Key benefits:


Our broad skill-set enables us to help or advise, whatever you require.

Accuracy & Speed

By understanding your objectives we will find a solution that’s right for you and help you achieve what you want, when you want it.


A marketing specialist when you need one without having to employ someone full-time.